Tenerife confirms my love for food in Spain Pt 2

On my second day in Tenerife I think I reconfirmed it with myself that I finally want to start my food and travel blog. I won’t announce the name or URL of it just yet but hopefully if all goes to plan I will launch in January (stay tuned!)

Back to Tenerife, I started my second day with a whale watching tour with my tour guide Patsy and then she took me to a little town in the south of Tenerife called La Caleta where we had an amazing meal at Masia del Mar. Located right on the waterfront we scored the best seat in the house on their outdoor patio and the weather was perfect.

Masia del Mar is the type of place that draws you in from its seafood displays of every type of fish, eel, octopus and more in their fresh display case. Almost every seat was filled and as I walked past the kitchen and took a look, and smelled the food I knew we were in for a great meal.

(Photo above: Amazing view while we ate.)

We had a salad with some of the best avocado I’ve ever eaten, we had potatoes and bread with different pesto and the main course was a full grilled fish lightly breaded with olive oil, fall off the bone delicious, enjoyed with a local Canary Island beer and a yummy chocolate dessert and a fresh pineapple.

Fresh Canary Island grown avocados.

Yes amazing. Apparently some people even eat the tail when its crunchy. Would you? I don’t think I’m there just yet…

(Photo above: yummmmm)

You might think that my favorite part of the meal was the fish, although fantastic it was the potatoes that were the best for me. I couldn’t stop eating them. Also known as Papas arrugadas these tiny wrinkly potatoes are boiled in the saltiest of salt water (either from the sea or salt just added by hand) they are then either baked until shriveled or most of the water is removed then they are put on heat again until the remaining little bit of water is gone and the salt makes a crust on the potato.

(Photo above: mega noms)

Often served with different sauces and pesto I enjoyed them best on their own, no butter, nothing else added just is. Common in the Canary Islands these potatoes are popular in Tenerife and well I’ll tell you, you should probably visit Tenerife just to try them.

I’m off to find my kilo of sea salt from Spain to see if I can recreate them myself here at home. I’ll let you know how it goes!

(Photo above: Myself and the lovely chef at Masia del Mar, he insisted I wear the hat, I swear! haha)


Thanks to Tenerife Tourism for sponsoring my trip

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