Christmas in Berlin

(photo above : mmmm Glühwein)

Ever since I first experienced a German Christmas market four years ago on a Contiki tour in Munich I have fallen in love with them. Here on the east coast of Canada, we have craft shows and Christmas parties but we never really have Christmas Markets as great as Germany and other parts of Europe.

The frost is in the air, everyone is bundled up, the beer is flowing from the taps and peolpe are being warmed by mugs full of glühwein. Friends meet, families celebrate and children play on merry-go-rounds. People shop for Christmas presents and ornaments and eat a lot of food.

On my past trip to Europe I found myself in Berlin on the first weekend that the Christmas Markets were opening for the holiday season and I couldn’t of been happier and I definitely tried to make the most of it by eating all the German holiday food I could find.

Currywurst – Everyone told me I had to try it. You guessed it, its bratwurst with curry sprinkled on top and smothered in some kind of gravy. At Christmsas time at the markets they pump out so much of this stuff someone has even invented a machine just to cut the bratwurst in little pieces so they can serve it up to you even quicker. It comes with a roll and goes down great with a beer. Everything pretty much goes down great with a beer though doesn’t it?

Maiskolben! Corn on the cob that has basically been sitting in a pool of butter just waiting for your first juicy bite. Mega noms – yes people looked at me funny as I tried to take a photo of myself eating the corn. Delish.

I can’t forget the meat on a stick, the straight up Bratwurst and everything else you can get. Be sure to not make the mistake and eat this all at once like I might of…. so stuffed, but happily stuffed after visiting the Berlin Christmas Markets.

There were a lot of other great things to eat at the Markets but at one point my stomach became a little too full and I had to back away… after the crepe, and the Glühwein. If you are thinking of visiting Berlin or elsewhere in Germany or Europe I definitely recommend visiting around Christmas time.

Thanks to Visit Berlin for helping with my trip to its great city.

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    December 28, 2011 at 9:03 am

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    December 24, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    All that food looks fantastic- curry bratwurst heaven!

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      December 28, 2011 at 11:46 am

      Some of it was delicious! I wasn’t completely sold on the currywurst… but I think it could grow on me haha :)

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