My Top 3 Travel Moments with Ryan Gosling

In Cailin Travels on August 8, 2012 at 2:04 pm

Travel bloggers love memes and some travel bloggers love… Ryan Gosling. That’s why Yvonne Zagermann from www.justtravelous.com and I had this fabulous idea… A RYAN GOSLING TRAVEL MEME!

Surprisingly Yvonne and I had some similar Ryan Gosling stories that we have never told anyone. For certain reasons, like his celebrity status of course we aren’t allowed to talk about much of our travels with him, but we are trusting you won’t tell anyone, right?

So here they are… my top 3 travel moments with Ryan Gosling:

1. In search of the Lochness Monster in Scotland

While visiting Scotland a couple of years ago Ryan and I took a boat cruise in search of

FlyGrip Product Review

In Travel Product Review on July 24, 2012 at 3:06 pm

I got an email a few weeks ago about the “FlyGrip” for iPhones (and other devices), asking if I would like to review the product. As a fan of gadget-y things and always looking for ways to make life simpler, I selected the purple coloured FlyGrip and within two days it was in my hands.

The FlyGrip comes in 9 colours to choose from and is said to be “Your one handed solution for your devices“. The FlyGrip attaches to the back of your device with a 3M adhesive and when extended allows your middle and ring fingers to slide in comfortably hooking your hand in place, stabilizing the device and making it easy to use with only one hand. The FlyGrip also doubles as a kickstand for the

I’m Canadian, I visited Mexico and I survived

In Cailin Travels on June 29, 2012 at 9:00 am

At Villa Del Palmar Loreto with Ayngelina and Rease

High on many countries “high risk” travel lists these days is the country of Mexico. The news reports are filled with drug smuggling, gang related violence, kidnappings, a long with a few high profile attacks in particular on Canadians and more. That doesn’t make it sound too appealing does it? However… NEWS FLASH as sad as it is to say there is a little bit of all of that in every country, even our own.

I didn’t particularly have Mexico high on my list of places to visit next but when I got that first email asking if